Digital Anchorage

We can date when dinosaurs lived and when pottery was made, but how are humans going to date when digital media was made?
Let our digital legacy be dated for millions of years
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We make a printable 3D object that represents a digital signature of your files based on MD5 (Like the one you see on the video preview). You get the OBJ file 3D model ready for printing. Once you've got your file use your windows 3D paint to open the file or a program for that pourpose. Print your 3D model using your printer or use our printing service. There are multiple 3D impresion materials that can be dated in future just choose the most suitable for you!!

For more information about how Digital Media Dating works please refer to the white paper White paper

Get your anchorage

Download your digital anchorage 3D model ready for 3D printing for free. There is not a better present than something that represents knowledge.

Print your anchorage

Print your digital anchorage 3D model with your 3D printer (any bioplastic like PLA, even copper and bronze, or ceramic material is elegible for future dating pourpose) or use our printing service.

Validate your anchorage

In years or millions of them make anyone verify when your Digital media was made by dating your Digital Anchorage. The code it represents will identify the associated digital data.

Where will be the data?

Anyplace you've stored the data to keep it safe and replicated for years, in the cloud, in another planet, in a bunker, traveling on air.

Enter your code

Browse for your digital media file in order to get its md5 hash code or enter your code if you've already got one.

Download your Digital Anchorage 3D model OBJ file ready to print by yourself for free. Print it with the use of a bioplastic like PLA for C14 dating pourpose or in a termoluminiscient one like ceramic for termoluminiscience dating. Copper and bronze are also elegible for future dating pourpose.

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